“VALEMONT” (TV Mini-series) MTV/Electric Farm Entertainment Inc.

(Director/Producer)  Starring:  Eric Balfour, Kristen Hagar and Dillon Casey

SPIRIT BEAR, The Simon Jackson Story” (TV Movie) CTV/Screen Door

Starring: Mark Rendall, Ed Begley Jr. and Graham Green

(DGC Team Award Winner)

“BURN, The Robert Wraight Story” (TV Movie) CTV/Tapestry Films

Starring:  Alan Scarfe, Jonathan Scarfe and Kristen Booth

“A Wind At My Back Christmas” (TV Movie) Sullivan Entertainment

Starring:  Dylan Provencher and Meredith Henderson

“Double Framed” (Feature) Illusions Entertainment

Starring:  Daniel Baldwin, Peter Outerbridge and Leslie Hope

“Anne of Green Gables The Continuing Story” (TV Mini-series) CBC/PBS

Starring:  Megan Follows, Cameron Daddo and Martha Henry

“Sleeping Dogs Lie” (TV Movie) Sullivan Entertainment

Starring:  Wendy Crewson and Joel Keller

“Happy Christmas Miss King” (TV Movie) Sullivan Entertainment

Starring:  Jackie Burroughs and Lally Cadeau

(Gemini Nominee for Best Picture and Best Director)

“Under the Piano” (Feature/TV Movie) Sullivan Entertainment

Starring:  Amanda Plummer and Megan Follows

(Gemini Nominee for Best Picture and Best Director)

“The Prisoner of Zenda Inc.” (Cable Feature) Showtime

Starring:  Jonathan Jackson and William Shatner

“Lyddie” (TV Movie) BBC/CBC

Starring:  Tanya Allen and Tom Georgeson

“I’ll Never Get To Heaven” (TV Movie) CBC

Starring:  Wendy Crewson and Victor Garber

(Winner of “Best Picture” London Film Festival and “Best Director” Anik Awards)


RIDE                                                                                      Nickelodeon

DINO DANA                                                                           TVO

THE OTHER KINGDOM                                                        Nickelodeon

MAX AND SHRED                                                                 Nickelodeon

HEARTLAND                                                                          CBC

MAKE IT POP                                                                         Nickelodeon

SPUN OUT                                                                             CTV

ANNEDROIDS  (Nominated for Daytime Emmy)                   PBS

ODD SQUAD  (Winner for Daytime Emmy)                           PBS

REPUBLIC OF DOYLE                                                          CBC

PORT HOPE (Pilot)                                                                CBC

LIFE WITH BOYS                                                                   YTV

WHAT’S UP WARTHOGS                                                      Family

VALEMONT                                                                            MTV

HOW TO BE INDIE                                                                 YTV

CANDICE TELLS ALL                                                             Slice

STYLE HER FAMOUS                                                            Style/Slice

SOUL                                                                                       Vision

FAMILY BIZ                                                                             YTV

KINK IN MY HAIR                                                                    Global

MVP                                                                                         CBC

THE LATEST BUZZ                                                                 Family/Disney

DEGRASSI The Next Generation                                            CTV/Noggin

(DGC Team Award Winner)

DARCY’S WILD LIFE                                                               NBC/Discover

NATURALLY SADIE                                                                Disney

BLACK HOLE HIGH                                                                 NBC/Discovery

WILD CARD                                                                             Lifetime

OUTLAW IN-LAWS                                                                  Slice

MR. FRIDAY                                                                             Slice

SPOILED ROTTEN                                                                  Slice

AD2030                                                                                    YTV

DOC                                                                                          PAX

MYTHQUEST                                                                            PBS/YTV

SUPER RUPERT                                                                      BBC/YTV

PR                                                                                             CBC

OUR HERO                                                                               CBC

THE FAMOUS JETT JACKSON                                               Disney

WIND AT MY BACK                                                                  CBC

EMILY OF NEW MOON                                                            PBS/Cinar

ROAD TO AVONLEA                                                                CBC/Disney

SAVANNAH                                                                               Warner/Spelling

HOTEL MALIBU                                                                        CBS

SECOND CHANCES                                                                CBS

FAST TRACK                                                                            Alliance

GOOSEBUMPS                                                                        Fox

READY OR NOT                                                                       Showtime

FOREVER KNIGHT                                                                  CBS/Syndicated

TEKWAR                                                                                   USA Network

WHITE FANG                                                                            International/CTV

BEYOND REALITY                                                                   USA Network

MY SECRET IDENTITY                                                            CTV/Scholastic

ADDERLY                                                                                 CBS

SIDE EFFECTS                                                                        CBC

STREET LEGAL                                                                       CBC

THE ODYSSEY                                                                        CBC

MATERIAL WORLD                                                                 CBC

MAX GLICK                                                                              CBC

NORTHWOOD                                                                         CBC

BEACHCOMBERS                                                                   CBC

9B                                                                                             CBC

THE HAUNTINGS                                                                    CBC

INSIDE STORIES                                                                     CBC

Stefan has directed over 300 hours of live television including reality, news, current affairs, sports and live drama. He has conducted screen writing, acting and directing workshops for The National Screen Institute, University of Regina, Dramaworks in Edmonton, Company of Rogues in Calgary, The Vancouver Film School, Ryerson University, Power Flash-Forward in Los Angeles and is a resource director and mentor for several up and coming directors.